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Stacey Danevicz


Hi there. Thanks so much for visiting my site! You're probably here to get to know me, so here are some details to get you started.

I spent the first half of my life in a smallish town in Iowa. Let me just clear up the two biggest immediate misconceptions I normally get upon confessing from whence I come: 

1) I did not grow up on a farm - I lived in a city with a mall and restaurants and neighborhoods.

2) Idaho has the potatoes. Iowa is all about the sweet corn. Say it with me now - Idaho has potatoes; Iowa has corn.

I eventually moved to Michigan, went to college, met my wonderful husband, became a teacher, had three lovely children, and then got back to my own childhood dream of being a writer.

I have a completed manuscript of my memoir THE CAN MAN'S DAUGHTER and am currently seeking representation.

When I'm not writing or doing Mom duty, I'm the office manager and paralegal for a small immigration law firm. I can also be found behind my sewing machine in my "craft palace" creating custom purses and tote bags for my artisan business: Ginger Lu Creations.


THE CAN MAN'S DAUGHTER: MEMOIR - Currently seeking representation for this complete manuscript.

GROWING UP SAVED: MEMOIR - Manuscript in progress.

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